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The Adventures of Sir Rodney the Root

Nov 19, 2019

Episode 6. The Companions attempt to steal a Relic from a defenseless old lady to help Snowball the demon-cat. Gil and Faendyr discover their room only has one bed. Keanu has problems with stairs.

This episode was written by E.L. Winter & Lar Zheng, from a story by E.L. Winter, Lar Zheng & Michael Reilly
Original music...

Nov 5, 2019

Episode 5. The Companions visit a necromancer and get more than they bargained for. Gil is visited by an old friend.

This episode written by E.L. Winter,
from a story by E.L. Winter, Laura Zheng & Michael Reilly
Original music by Michael Reilly
Editing by E.L. Winter & Michael Reilly

Episode transcripts: